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We pride ourselves in taking a realistic approach to training. The workshops are designed so each and every participant will be able to relate aspects of the lessons to their jobs. This approach is based on the extensive experience of everyone involved with Altitude Training Solutions. We utilize experts in the appropriate fields to help in research and design. We then move it forward to an applied lesson that engages and relates to the participants attending.

Our professional facilitators/instructors have extensive backgrounds in Human Factors and Safety Training. They are very effective in creating a relaxed environment and promoting discussion by the participants to help enhance learning.

We believe that Altitude Training Solutions rises above the rest in our approach to safety and human factor related training.

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Altitude Training Solutions' courses are firmly founded on the lastest developments in human factors and safety management concepts. We focus on the linking of theoretical applications with skill-based implementation in the workplace.

Our courses ensure a practical and realistic approach to effectively managing resources (policies, procedures, equipment and people) used within the scope of the workplace. We keep a continuous focus on enhancing safety, especially within team oriented environments such as aviation, medical services and emergency services.

Many of our lessons come from a foundation firmly built around aircrew studies and related training. These lessons can be applied to multiple careers through examining:

Let us become part of your safety culture- helping to promote and maintain a safe and healthy working environment!

Our Training Philosophy.

Our training philosophy is based upon developing and delivering workshops which increase an individual's knowledge and allows for application of course concepts to be utilized on the job. We employ a practical and skill-based approach to achieve measurable results in safety and efficiency. After attending a course, participants will be well versed in the topics such that lessons learned can be applied immediately to their jobs and lives.