Altitude Training Solutions Courses

Air Medical Resource Management

Our Air Medical Resource Management (AMRM) course is combined into two parts. Part one of the course is an on-line program containing approximately two hours of material. Part two is a full day workshop. These two units combined allow participants to meet all CAMTS initial and re-certification requirements. This program is also fully approved under the FAA Circular.


Air Medical Resource Management (AMRM) has become one of our specialty areas outside of the traditional pilot CRM. It is a course specially tailored for all crews involved within the Air Medical profession. Not only do we look intrinsically at the job of the flight crew, maintenance engineer, dispatcher, paramedics and/or flight nurses, we also explore the dynamics created as two complex industries (aviation and medicine) are brought together. This course is essential for anyone working as a crewmember in the air ambulance profession.

Utilizing CRM concepts used in the training of flight crews in aviation, we have linked the lessons to both air and medical crews. Areas of discussion include:

  • Threat and Error Management.
  • Resources available and their limitations.
  • Personal Skills such as communication, conflict resolution, situational awareness, decision making and problem solving, workload management, and crew performance (teamwork).
  • Developing preventative and error management strategies.

Our course examines the vital relationship between all team members as they contribute to a safe and successful outcome of a medical evacuation or patient transfer.

We use specific videos and examples to examine the real issues in which everyone involved in EMS services alike must contend with on a daily basis.

Successful AMRM training results in synergy- combined overall crew performance exceeds the sum of the individual performances. Altitude Training Solutions AMRM seminars provide synergy at the operational and organizational levels by providing the tools to maximize the performance of the individual crewmember.