Altitude Training Solutions Courses

Pilot Decision Making


The goal of our Pilot Decision Making Course is to expose pilots to the many variables involved in the safe operation of an aircraft. We link these factors and demonstrate how they can contribute to unsafe operations as well as poor decision making. This course will meet or exceed all the requirements as required by Transport Canada in PDM training.

Generally, we provide this course as a compliment to one of our other courses. If requested, a full day course can be presented that is focused solely on these concepts.

The following topics are covered in both an integrated and specific delivery method:

  • The decision making process, including modules on factors which affect good judgement and contribute to poor decisions.
  • Human performance factors, including modules on physical, psychological and physiological phenomena and limitations.
  • Developing good practices and procedures in both single and/or multi-crew environments.
  • Utilizing human error countermeasures to prevent and deal with errors involved in many aircraft accidents.
  • Participants will be able to apply many tools or strategies to improve their airmanship and their flight management skills.