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Threat and Error Management

To err is human! As humans we work in a complex environment. The philosophies, policies, procedures and practices we use can provide a great deal of error prevention. We must realise, however, that there are always going to be errors, so we must train our employees in error prevention and management. In this course we look at the many factors involved in human error and incorporate strategies that can help us mitigate and manage errors.

Our courses are formulated from the latest developments in Threat and Error Management theory.

  • A theoretical approach, however, without practical implementation is of minimal value in the workplace. We cover various concepts that can be used in the application of error prevention and management on the job.

The applied skills in error prevention and management are utilized to increase the safety net within our organization.

  • The effective execution of prevention and management strategies are continually explored as they relate to the workplace. Part of the focus of the course is to identify individual behaviors and human factors as they contribute to errors.

We try to incorporate concepts so that they are measurable and identifiable.

  • This is very valuable in applying the correct response towards minimizing our contributions to errors in the workplace.

This can be a stand-alone course where we have an in-depth look at errors and effectively preventing and managing them. We can also integrate a module on Error Prevention and Error Management strategies into other courses.